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Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ) is a non-profit organization constituted by the Nepalese community and Nepalese cultural supporters residing in Quebec in 2001 to assist those of Nepalese origin people during their integration to Canadian  multicultural society, co-operate each other as needed and to participate actively in general community.

Our Objectives:

- Protect, preserve and promote Nepalese culture, art and language.

- Help new comers to smooth integration and understand Canadian multicultural society.

- Educate its fellow members to understand the multicultural and multilingual Canadian society.

- Build a cordial relationships with federal and provincial government as well as with local non-government and international organizations, whose objectives are similar to those of ANQ.

- Encourage and assist its members to establish small and medium size businesses.

- Launch suitable community programs to encourage Nepalese youths residing in Quebec and other provinces of Canada to participate in the socio-development activities.

- Provide volunteers for social services as and when needed.

- Organize workshops, meetings, social events to maintain and improve harmonic relations among the fellow members.

News & Event

Mini marathon 2021


ANQ successfully conducted Mini Marathon 2021 on 3rd October 2021 at Jarry Park. It was a grand su
OC support 2021


ANQ tried to support Nepal and Nepalese peoples suffering due to the oxygen shortage in different
Blood donation 2021


ANQ successfully conducted Blood Donation Program on 17th and 18th July 2021 in association of Nep
New Year Event


Let us all make this happen together!!! The Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ) would like to
ANQ-Children's Online Debate Competition 2021


  ANQ successfully conducted ANQ-Children's Online Debate Competition on 7th March 2021 via ZOOM

ANQ Blog

मेरा सपनाहरु

कबिता                                      पुनम पोखरेल

घडीमा झुन्डीरहेको पेन्डुलम जस्तो

दोधार मन अल्झीरहेछ झीनो आशमा

कहिले लाग्छ आधा मेरा सपनाहरु

कहिले फेरि मन पुरा हुन्छ भनिदिन्छ ।


आफैबाट आफनो छाँया निस्कीएर पर बसी

दोधारको स्थीतीमा खित्का छाडी हाँसीदिन्छ

कहिले फेरी त्यही मनले सान्त्वनाको ढाडस दिन्छ

पुरा हुने लक्ष्यहरुका सपना फेरी देखाइदिन्छ


बिचलीत मनका लहरहरु हुरी बनेर टाढा जान्छ

सुन्दर मेरा सपनाहरु उडाएर क्षीतीजमा लान्छ

त्यही पागल मनलाइ फेरी बिवेकले बाँधी राख्न

भित्री मनलाई अराइराख्छु पागलमनलाई बाँधी राख्न


पेन्डुलम माथीको विस्वस्त घडीजस्तै

विश्व समय सापेक्ष अघि लाग्न

द्धन्द गर्दैछन मेरा भित्री बाहीरी मनहरु

लक्ष्यको त्यो शिखर चुम्न ।।

नेपालको संविधान

Montreal, October 12, 2019

ANQ would like to thank all community members for their participation in Dashain party. Our community members and families from Montreal and surroundings joined together to celebrate the Dashain 2076 on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at the Eagle Party Palace in Montreal. The grand party commenced at 6:00 PM and successfully concluded at midnight.

The evening started with National anthem followed by welcome speech and Tika/Jamara optionally offered by our ANQ Member Kalika Prasad Bhandari. The participants had open choice to have Tika from their family members or anyone they wish. The session was hosted by ANQ Secretary Rishi Shrestha. ANQ Advisors Dr. Hemanta Paudel, Prakash Mungrati and Spokesperson of Embassy of Nepal, Canada Prakash Adhikari extended their best wishes. ANQ President Yubaraj Bhandari welcomed all the participants, wished a very happy Dashain and thanked all for their continued support to ANQ. He also requested community members to join upcoming events Deusi Bhailo and AGM.

This time we had a Nepali celebrity with us along with talented local artists for the cultural program. The famous Nepali playback singer Krishna Kafle entertained our participants and guests with his popular songs parkha parkha mayalu, dekhana champa, timro picture hit and more. The session was jointly hosted by ANQ Secretary Rishi Shrestha and Executive Member Sitaram Dhakal.

The cultural program commenced with fabulous performances of talented community artists and continued by the spectacular performance of singer Krishna Kafle. The performance of our community dancers Dristhi Dhakal, Asmi Gautam, Ansu Shrestha, Sanjana Sharma and Rig Kharel was very entertaining. Roshan KC, an artist from Toronto also presented his woderful dance at the end of the show. The singing talent Aakriti Budha performed her best. ANQ community member Pramesh Gupta and Naba Raj Gautam presented jokes. All the participants seemed to be dancing and enjoying during the cultural program.

Special thanks to Deep Nandan Achhami (Bar), Mala Budha Magar, Prajwal Sainju & Sitaram Dhakal (Registration), Anuj Khanal (Music) and Prajwal Sainju (Food & Beverage) who put their entire energy to make the event a great success. ANQ would like to sincerely thank all the talented artists, participants, guests, volunteers and the Eagle Party Palace. We appreciate their continued support. We look forward to seeing all community members at our next event.

Photo Courtesy : Bishnu Hari Dhakal & Anuj Khanal

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