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Celebration of Dashain Party 2006

October 7, 2006. Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ) observed Dashain festival with cultural program in Montreal. The programme started with the exchange of best wishes on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami.

The participants received Tika and Jamara from Mr. Pabitra Updadhya, Treasurer of ANQ. The programme was attended by Nepalese and other well-wishers of ANQ living in Montreal by exchanging wishes amongst each other. They also wished for a lasting permanent peace in Nepal.

Participants were welcomed by the newly appointed ANQ President Mr. Prakash Mungrati and on behalf all Nepalese living in Montreal Dr. Hemant K. Paudel conveyed the best wishes to every one. The cultural program was able to entertain all the participant where Sophie Maharjan, Rounak Hartamchhali, Isha Rajbhandari, Ashlesha Thapa, Dilasha Thapa, Pratibha Baral, Raj Rokka and Shyam Tamang tried to show their talents with their beautiful dance. As usual Patrick Baral appeared in the stage with his essay on Dashain Festival and Piano accompanied by his sister Pratibha who played flute as well. Anita Shrestha, Shila Sainju, Richard Gendron and Raj Rokka have shown their skills performing Nepali songs. The participants were entertained a lot until the end of program. The program was hosted by Mr. Hemanta Dahal and Ms. Shila Sanju.

Beside that, Gita Baral seemed really busy registering participants and Home, Raj, Kevin were hurried to supply drinks at the other corner during the program. Hemanta and Muga were also trying to capture all scenes in their tiny camera moving all around the corner.

The program was ended at midnight with a lot of excitement and great fun.

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October 7, 2006. Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ) observed Dashain festival with cultural pro

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