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Mr. Khatri and his mother in Hospital

January 11, 2010. After an unexpected incident, Mr. Govinda Khatri (ANQ Executive Member 2003-2006) and his mother have been admitted to Bir Hospital, Kathandu, Nepal.

On the morning of 9th January, Mrs. Khatri (Govinda's mother) was in front a gas oven after her morning worship. Mr. Govinda Khatri was outside reading newspaper. All of a sudden, he heard scream from inside and ran to the mother's room and noticed that his mother had caught fire. She had her sari and sweater burnt. While helping to control the fire and save his mother, he fell down and got injured on head and feet and both of his hands also. They were both rushed to nearby hospital, Om nursing Home. He was treated there but mother was sent to Teaching Hospital. With the lack of bed in Teaching Hospital, she was sent to Bir Hospital and finally got admitted. The doctor confirmed her the strength of burn was to be 50%. She has been getting regular treatment at the hospital. Mr. Khatri has to get dressings changed twice a day and he tried to come home to get treatment at nearby clinic also. But, because of 'Nepal Banda', he had no choice but to get admitted. So, he also ended to be at Bir Hospital.

ANQ would like to pray the God for their fast relief from this pain. Lets keep our hands together to wish our friend and his mother to return home well soon.

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Mr. Khatri and his mother in Hospital


January 11, 2010. After an unexpected incident, Mr. Govinda Khatri (ANQ Executive Member 2003-2006)
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