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New Year Celebration and Welcome Program

Montreal, April 18, 2015: Joyous event Nepali New Year 2072 BS was celebrated by Nepalese residing in Quebec, Canada. A grand party was organized by ANQ at "Ganesh Party Palace", 300 Marcel Laurin, Montreal.

Nepali New Year 2072

Waving goodbye to 2071 BS, ANQ members, friends and guests from many cities of Canada participated in the party and shared their best wishes. This time very special guests were present in the event: newly appointed Nepalese ambassador to Canada His Excellency Kali Prasad Pokhrel with his family and embassy employees; Mr Bernard Voyer, new appointed honorary Nepalese consul for Quebec with his spouse Nathalie. Further, there was a gracious presence of Anil Thapa, President of NRN Canada.

The program officially started with Nepali and Canadian national anthem as usual. ANQ President Mr. Muga Rajbhandari and NRN President Mr. Anil Thapa welcomed the special guests and honored them with khada. Welcoming the guests Mr. Rajbhandari highlighted the major activities of ANQ like blood donation, supporting different organizations in Nepal, and most importantly uniting all the Nepalese in Quebec. After greeting happy new year, NRN President Mr. Anil Thapa highlighted the activities of NRN Canada. As this year there is election, he appealed to renew NRN membership and be actively involved in NRN activities. ANQ Advisor Dr. Hemant Paudel highlighted the achievements and contribution by honorary consul Mr Voyer.

Ambassador and Consul

Nepalese ambassador his Excellency Kali Prasad Pokhrel greeted the audience with best wishes. He started with the fact that Nepali calendar is approximately 56 years ahead of Gregorian calendar. He then highlighted the various programs that Embassy is doing or going to do. He appealed all the Nepalese who have not got machine readable passport (MRP), to contact the Embassy and get it done sooner. Honorary consul Mr. Voyer expressed his great pleasure to be among Nepalese as he has been to Nepal and also has been to Mt. Everest. Is said Nepal may be tiny country in the world map but it is tallest country in the world! He expressed his willingness to become a member of ANQ and work closely with it.

Cultural program was the major event of the evening which was hosted by Samira Khanal and Yubaraj Bhandari. It began with group dance of Samya KC, Aarsi Basnet, Arya Parajuli, and Ayushi Parajuli young dancing enthusiasts loaded with traditional Nepali dress. Then came veteran dancer Mina Gurung with a Nepali Song. Little singers duo Anjeela and Aakriti Budha Magar san a beautiful song Jar of Hearts. As usual Isha Rajbhandari and Sophie Maharjan presented wonderful dance. Young talent Regal Khanal sang a song called “mero manko bhavana”. Young and pretty Muskarin Khanal danced on “chaubandi ma patuki”. Another dancing enthusiast Sabina Boutet performed dance on “jau jau relaimaa”. Seasoned singer Shanker Khadka and Yubaraj Bhandari entertained the audience with their songs. It was wonderful to see dance by Surendra Upreti who came all the way from Ottawa.

Event management team Prajwal Sainju, Anuj Khanal and Deep Nandan Achhami organized everything needed for the event. Backstage arrangements including sounds system were managed and handled by young members –Babin Maharjan and Patrick Baral. Photos were taken by Anuj Khanal.

We would like to thank all participants, volunteers who really worked hard to make the event successful.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2072 BS to all our members, guests, friends and families !

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