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About us

Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ) is a non-profit organization constituted by the Nepalese community and Nepalese cultural supporters residing in Quebec in 2001 to assist those of Nepalese origin people during their integration to Canadian  multicultural society, co-operate each other as needed and to participate actively in general community.

Our Objectives:

- Protect, preserve and promote Nepalese culture, art and language.

- Help new comers to smooth integration and understand Canadian multicultural society.

- Educate its fellow members to understand the multicultural and multilingual Canadian society.

- Build a cordial relationships with federal and provincial government as well as with local non-government and international organizations, whose objectives are similar to those of ANQ.

- Encourage and assist its members to establish small and medium size businesses.

- Launch suitable community programs to encourage Nepalese youths residing in Quebec and other provinces of Canada to participate in the socio-development activities.

- Provide volunteers for social services as and when needed.

- Organize workshops, meetings, social events to maintain and improve harmonic relations among the fellow members.


The Seventeenth AGM 2020


ANQ successfully conducted its 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 20th December 2020 from 14:00

ANQ Blog

मेरा सपनाहरु

कबिता                                      पुनम पोखरेल

घडीमा झुन्डीरहेको पेन्डुलम जस्तो

दोधार मन अल्झीरहेछ झीनो आशमा

कहिले लाग्छ आधा मेरा सपनाहरु

कहिले फेरि मन पुरा हुन्छ भनिदिन्छ ।


आफैबाट आफनो छाँया निस्कीएर पर बसी

दोधारको स्थीतीमा खित्का छाडी हाँसीदिन्छ

कहिले फेरी त्यही मनले सान्त्वनाको ढाडस दिन्छ

पुरा हुने लक्ष्यहरुका सपना फेरी देखाइदिन्छ


बिचलीत मनका लहरहरु हुरी बनेर टाढा जान्छ

सुन्दर मेरा सपनाहरु उडाएर क्षीतीजमा लान्छ

त्यही पागल मनलाइ फेरी बिवेकले बाँधी राख्न

भित्री मनलाई अराइराख्छु पागलमनलाई बाँधी राख्न


पेन्डुलम माथीको विस्वस्त घडीजस्तै

विश्व समय सापेक्ष अघि लाग्न

द्धन्द गर्दैछन मेरा भित्री बाहीरी मनहरु

लक्ष्यको त्यो शिखर चुम्न ।।

नेपालको संविधान

Dear friends- we are pleased to bring you ANQ Community Magazine  January - March 2012 issue. This is a quarterly digital magazine aimed to update you with current ANQ activities and initiatives, encourage/promote writers in our community, encourage kids to read/write and to contribute to some extent to Nepali literature/culture/language. This is our first effort and your encouragement, feedback, suggestions, and support will be very valuable for us. We were a bit late in issuing it as it was supposed to be published by the end of March. We are sorry for that.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors who contributed with story, poem, articles, jokes, etc. Special thanks to honorable Ambassador of Nepal to Canada Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire, Nepalese Embassy and Dr. Binod K.C. President NRN-Canada for their well wishes. We expect continued support from all of you. Please send us your articles, write-ups or any other literature to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We also strongly suggest you to encourage your child(ren) to read/write for the magazine.
Next issue: April - June 2012 issue will come by in July!
Happy reading ! 
ANQ Publication Sub-Committee
Deepak - Rabindra - Umesh


+2 #2 Sainju Prajwal 2012-05-02 19:46
hats off to the newsletter team and their hard-work.
I realized that the newsletter is very effective to all age group.
It is informative,edu cative and interesting too.I am eagerly waiting for upcoming newsletter..... ..
+2 #1 Deeepa 2012-04-28 21:43
Incorporated text-to-speech feature is excellent! Indeed it is an innovative idea. :P

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