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19th AGM Concluded

Jan 20, 2024

Association of Nepalese in Quebec (ANQ) successfully conducted its 19th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 13th January 2024 from 11:00 to 13:30 at Thanjai Restaurant, 4759 Ave Van Horne Montreal, QC H3W 1H8. 

Meeting was conducted as per following agendas:

1) Reviewing and reporting annual work

 2) Briefing annual financial statement

 3) Reviewing the executive members / electing new members

 4) ANQ future plans

There were a significant number of members and new members participated in the AGM; 37 people were physically present and many other members shared their participation via messages and phone calls. 

The current president Mr Purushottam Bhusal warmly welcomed all the community members and expressed hearty gratitude to all supporters, participants, wishes and suggestions throughout the existing executive period. Mr Bhushal conducted the opening session and concluded his leadership during the last two years. After that, treasurer Mr Suresh Panta briefly provided the financial statement: the income and expenses throughout the years for each program and activity; the sources of ANQ funds, the balance and losses. Significant funds generated in programs ie Deusi-Bhailo whereas most of the programs were in balanced expenditures as well as some of the programs cost higher than the fund raised from participants. Some of the programs were supported by sponsors and donors which helped significantly for a larger number of participants. 

The Vice President Ms. Shailaja Tiwari and the Secretary Mr Jyoti Luitel were absent because of travel. So Vice-Secretary Mr Kamal Dhungana was requested to brief about the programs and activities organized by ANQ during the last 2 years. He explained the progress, the challenges, the negative and positive trends and the strategies, achievements. He concluded that all the efforts from the existing executive team were to bring everybody together and unite everybody, welcome the new members and make the ANQ family bigger, richer and connected and blossomed with its own cultural resources within the community.    


The next part of the AGM was focused on ANQ new executive member election process. Three members were called for the election committee to conduct the election democratically. Mr. Man Bahadur Limbu, Mr. Hemanta Poudel and Mr. Prakash Mugarati successfully handled the election process.

Then started the nomination process. At the beginning, 2 candidates nominated to become new president of ANQ: Mr. Rishi Shrestha and Mr. Purushottam Bhusal. The election committee announced timing for both candidates to get support from all the members in the AGM before the voting process. The election was based on electing one candidate as president with a simple majority vote. 

Both the candidates were influential and renounced. Mr Rishi Shrestha was a decent and dedicated community member and leader who already served the ANQ executive board as Secretary during 2017-2019. Likewise, Mr. Bhusal who was leading the ANQ from the last 2 years during the late COVID period till present. Both candidates tried to expose themselves in public and discussed whether to go for the final election or support the opponent and take the nomination back. Mr Bhusal seemed to be more excited and enthusiastic to continue his presidency for the 2nd time and did not wish to stop or take his name back. Mr Rishi Shrestha finally supported Mr. Bhusal's spirit and dedication to continue his presidency, took his nomination back and wished all the best for the new presidency of Mr Bhusal. Finally, Mr. Purushottam Bhusal was declared as new President without final voting.


The AGM further focused on selecting fulfilling the remaining major posts and general members in the executive board. The election committee advised the new President Mr Purushottam Bhusal to continue on accommodating the qualified members to form an energetic team. Vice President: Two candidates were selected for Vice President: Mr. Rupesh Upreti and Khem Raj Baral. 

Treasurer: Mr Siddartha Sharma accepted the responsibility to handle the post. There was no nomination for Secretary where the only person requested was the ex-vice Secretary Mr. Kamal Dhungana. He wanted to support the team from outside without occupying the post on board and let the new person get a chance to serve the community. However, no-one nominated for Secretary. The president and team requested him to take that responsibility and help the team during the new term and he finally accepted the post. Likewise, Mr. Aman Gurung was accommodated as advisor and Sport's coordinator in the new team. The other executive board members were initially declared from the nomination in AGM however the new members were not fully formed due to technical reasons: verifying the membership, commitment to stay in executive board and perform the responsibility etc. 

UPDATE: The team has been rearranged in the first meeting, at the discretion of the president and considering convenience, individual interest and available skillset.


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