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Board Members 2019-2021

Executive Committee

    2019-2020 2020-2021
  President Pramesh Gupta  Pramesh Gupta
  Vice President Samira Khatiwada  Samira Khatiwada
  Secretary Dr. Salyan Bhattarai  Dr. Salyan Bhattarai
  Joint-Secretary Jyoti Upadhyay Luitel  Jyoti Upadhyay Luitel
  Treasurer Saurav Gautam  Saurav Gautam
  Member Dr. Bal Ram Adhikari  Dr. Bal Ram Adhikari
  Member Bishnu Hari Dhakal  Bishnu Hari Dhakal
  Member Sandhya Khanal  Sandhya Khanal
  Member Bhabendra Adhikari  
  Member Kalika Prasad Bhandari  
  Member Prana Khayargoli


  Member   Kamal Dhungana
  Member   Purushottam Bhusal
  Member   Santosh Sharma



Youth Committee

  2019-2020 2020-2021
  Anzeela Budha Magar  Anzeela Budha Magar
  Brizein Adhikari  Brizein Adhikari
  Muskarin Khanal  Muskarin Khanal
  Pratistha Saiju  Pratistha Saiju
  Regal Khanal  Regal Khanal
  Simon Maharjan  Simon Maharjan
  Shrey Bhandari  Shrey Bhandari
  Suruchi Mungrati  Suruchi Mangrati



Advisory Committee

  2019-2020 2020-2021
  Amita Rasaili  
  Bal Mukunda Maharnan  Bal Mukunda Maharjan
  Geeta Parajuli  Geeta Parajuli
  Dr. Hemanta Paudel  Dr. Hemanta Paudel
  Home Lamichhane  Home Lamichhane
  Man Bahadur Limbu  Man Bahadur Limbu
  Mukti Nath Ghimire  Mukti Nath Ghimire
  Pabitra Upadhya  
  Prakash Mungrati  Prakash Mungrati
  Rajesh Kandel  
  Rishi Shrestha  Rishi Shrestha
  Yubaraj Bhandari Yubaraj Bhandari



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