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तिज र नारी

(सम्पूर्ण नेपाली नारीहरु प्रति समर्पित)

- युवराज भण्डारी

आज मनमा के को रमाइलो
तीजले बनायो दिन घमाइलो |

वर्ष दिन कुरेर आएको चाड
हर्सोल्लास नेपाली माझ
रातै हुन्छ पहिरन, रातै चुरा
नारी मिलि गर्छन घत लाग्ने कुरा |

गुनासो पोख्छन्, सल्लाह दिन्छन
इतिहास रचेर राज्य नै छिन्छन
गाऊ शहर राष्ट्र, एकै ठाउँ आउछ
सास्कृतीक बिम्बले देश बनाउछ |

शुभकामना साहसी नारी
तिजको रमझम सात समुन्द्र पारी
सम्झेर तिमि नेपाली पन
जाऊ एकै ठाउँ तिज मनाउन|

आज मनमा के को रमाइलो
तीजले बनायो दिन घमाइलो |

Looking for help as a new immigrant ?

Being a new immigrant, are you wondering how to adapt into the new society, to integrate into labor market, to have a good education for you and your family, etc ? There are Helping Centres for Immigrants who are there just for the people like you.
They have varieties of free services for immigrants such as food for new immigrants, professional refreshment training (e.g. AutoCAD), career counselling and job searching, exploring employment opportunities in other regions as well, assisting during application for citizenship, guiding through minor legal issues, learning French and many more. They even compensate for certain expenses such as transportation for job interviews and relocation for work. You will easily find the profile and locations of such local organizations on the internet. Followings are few of them:
Compiled by: Yuba Raj Bhandari


File your tax for free

Never be scared to fill your tax on your own. It is economic and actually easier than you think. These days intelligent softwares like UFile would ask you Interview Type Questions, and you just have to bear with it. Finally, the software will automatically prepare a printable copy of filled documents which are well aligned with CRA. The best thing is that, for students and low income families, it could be absolutely FREE.

Compiled by: Mukti Nath Ghiimire


Get 80$ per month !

The Shelter Allowance Program provides supplementary financial assistance of up to $80 per month for low-income households. If you are eligible, you may apply for for it. For other similar financial supplementary opportunities, please explore on Société d’habitation du Québe website.

Compiled by: Prajwal Sainju


मेरो देश नेपाल तिमी

अति राम्रो थियो देश हाम्रो

घमण्ड गर्दथ्यौं कस्तो हामी

विश्वमै सबै भन्दा देश राम्रो

मेरो देश नेपाल तिमी

Interview with Dristi Pandit - winner of Principal’s Award

 A Nepali girl, Dristi Pandit, an elder daughter of Dr. Shubha Nath Pandit and Laxmi Koirala Pandit was awarded with the Principal’s Award for Highest Academic Achievement in 2012 from English Montreal School Board - Coronation School at the end of her Elementary School Career.

This is a matter of pride all of us that a Nepali girl has been successful to get such an award. We have talked with Dristi about how she achieved this success along with her interests and aim in life.

ANQ: First of all, we are very happy to congratulate you on your achievement and wish you all the best for your future studies. Could you please tell us how you were able to achieve this award?

Ski offer for your kids of 9-10 years old

I thought that it might interest some of you that there is an offer for kids of 9-10 years old to ski for free 3 times this season. For more info:

Have a good day !

Compiled by: -Mukti Nath Ghimire

Quebec is my home too…

- An allophone’s perspective

I came to Montreal at the age of 5, right in the middle of the huge 97’ ice storm. For someone who had lived in a hot temperate weather like the one in Nepal, this was quite a welcome I received. In my 5-year-old eyes, the snow, the ice and yes, the cold, were things that were majestic - this was how Quebec welcomed me and it’s a welcome that I still haven’t forgotten today, 15 years later. Yes people complain about the cold and the snow but to me, it was never a source of complaint –it’s part of Quebec’s magic and still today, there is nothing more beautiful in my eyes than a cold December day, watching the snow swirl down from the comfort of my kitchen, sipping hot cocoa (and yes, I do realize that many drivers out there, including my parents, disagree to this!)  


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