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Interview with Dristi Pandit - winner of Principal’s Award

 A Nepali girl, Dristi Pandit, an elder daughter of Dr. Shubha Nath Pandit and Laxmi Koirala Pandit was awarded with the Principal’s Award for Highest Academic Achievement in 2012 from English Montreal School Board - Coronation School at the end of her Elementary School Career.

This is a matter of pride all of us that a Nepali girl has been successful to get such an award. We have talked with Dristi about how she achieved this success along with her interests and aim in life.

ANQ: First of all, we are very happy to congratulate you on your achievement and wish you all the best for your future studies. Could you please tell us how you were able to achieve this award?

Dristi: - I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences.  Indeed, the success not only goes to me but also goes to my family and friends in my community, from where, I always get motivated. In fact I was not expecting such an award.   Every day I did my work for my better future and life. Besides, I was always motivated and aimed to be Astronomer - which made me to be serious. I stayed well organised and kept focus on my study.  And I always reviewed my activities at home every day regarding what I did at school.  I think these are the key things that helped me to achieve this award.

ANQ: What would you like to be in your life?

Dristi: - When i was younger I used to think to become a Writer, an Astronomer, an Engineer, a Doctor or an Artist. As a grown up now I am thinking to become an Astronome and study stars space and how the universe began.

ANQ: What is your favorite subject and why?

Dristi: - I love all my subjects - Science, Math, English, Geography, History, French, Music, Ethics and Religious Culture. But my favorite ones have to be Science and Math because I find them the most fascinating and interesting subjects.

ANQ: What extracurricular activity interests you the most?

Dristi: - Arts and crafts have to be my favorite extracurricular program because we make many things and sell them to raise money to donate to children foundations. It helps children in need and it feels good to know that I am doing something good for the community.

ANQ: Generally, how many hours do you study at home everyday?

Dristi: - After I come back home from school I always make sure that I review what I learned that day and I revuew it. I study for about an hour daily.  At the weekend it’s a little bit different. I consolidate what I learned during the week and review them all. It’s a day to day, week to week cycle.

ANQ: In your opinion what other factors help to be a student like you?

Dristi: - The most important thing I think is listening to your parents! I know that because you stay and work with mostly your friends at school, it’s hard to stop and think about what’s good and bad, but your parents are always right. Me, I don’t remember a time when my parents were wrong. You may wonder why, it’s because no matter what they will always be with you.

ANQ: How do you spend your leisure time?

Dristi: - In my free time I love to read. I love any books whether it is science fiction, adventure or anything else. Right now I am reading Anne Frank, a diary written by a young Jewish girl when it was Second World War.

ANQ: Is there any famous person that you appreciate and why?

Dristi: I do appreciate many famous people but the one person who I really look up to, has to be Helen Keller. Helen Keller was a strong motivated girl, everybody thought she was a helpless thing but she proved to everybody that she was more than that. She kept her head high and always did and tried her best.

ANQ: What is your suggestion to the other school students who needs more practice in their studies?

Dristi: - I suggest work hard and keep on trying and you will get success. You should never give up no matter what; it is never too early or too late to change. And also, when studying doesn’t try to beat other people but try to beat yourself. As you continuously do this you will, without noticing you will beat other people.

ANQ: We would like to thank you for sharing your ideas/views. We wish all the best for your study and future endeavors. 

Interviewed was taken by: Rabindr Shrestha - member of ANQ Publication Sub-committee



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